About this blog

My Name is Ajmal Nazir . I am a Systems Engineering Architect Based in Doha, Qatar. The main objective of authoring this blog site is to update its readers with the latest services and features that had been launched on the AWS platform. Most of the articles will be demo-based as it’s very easy to understand something that can be tested practically. Cloud technologies had completely changed the landscape of IT operations across all industries. Netflix, Uber, Stripe are some of the success stories during recent times that become possible because of cloud technologies. Amazon Web services is the pioneer in bringing cloud technologies across the industries, as they develop some of the most innovative managed services early. The rapid growth of cloud technologies had led businesses to have instant access to a broader range of technologies that allow them to quickly innovate or build anything they can imagine. It also enables them to provision resources as they need them ranging from infrastructure services to Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning, data analytics, and much more. It’s getting so challenging for Software developers & IT Admins to keep pace with this changing platform & the only way to survive is to keep learning new skills continuously.