AWS Proton

AWS Proton is the first fully managed software deployed service for container and Serverless applications. Cloud Platform teams can use AWS Proton to connect and coordinate all the different tools needed for infrastructure provisioning, code deployments, monitoring, and updates. As enterprises start deploying application using Micro-service architecture, with hundreds of small services , maintaining and […]


Location-based services have become an important part of many business applications as more and more businesses start offering customizing products /services based on geographical areas. Even though there are a lot of location-based services already available, however, there are a lot of concerns about security, privacy & cost. It is well-known fact that some of […]


To all those developers , who are always on the edge trying to test their code as quickly as possible, AWS has recently launched a new container deployment service that is fully managed service that makes it super easy to deploy containerized web applications and APIs, at scale and with no prior infrastructure experience required. […]